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How did we start?

  • 2002

    CutCom Founded

    In 2002 CutCom Software was founded by Queen’s University computer science graduate Chris Sinkinson. As Chris worked at a local photocopier and office furniture business he noted that there was an opportunity to utilise new technology to make businesses more efficient, particularly with regards to paper documentation.

  • First Product: SentryFile

    Countless hours and literally millions of lines of code later, Chris in collaboration with the local firm created SentryFile, a technologically advanced document management solution and CutCom Software’s original product. It was a perfect fit – the local firm helped Chris sell his first copies of the document management software in conjunction with photocopier sales.

  • First Customer

    The product was met with significant interest across North America. In fact, the first paying customer for SentryFile was the Toronto Dominion bank, the second largest bank in Canada.

  • SentryFile Sales Explosion

    Since its humble beginnings, SentryFile has ballooned and is now sold by over 200 photocopier dealers in Canada and the United States. To date over 1,400 units of SentryFile have been distributed.

  • Product Diversification

    The solid foundation provided by SentryFile’s sales enabled CutCom to grow into the multi-product company that it is today. Chris’ perseverance in the face of the monumental task of creating CutCom’s first product by himself has played a major role in shaping the work culture of the company.

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Who leads us?

Chris Sinkinson

President and Founder, Product Development and Innovation

The Founder of CutCom Software, Chris Sinkinson (Queen’s University ArtsSci ’02, MBA ’11) loves playing with new gadgets. He always sees the potential in new technology and has an incredibly agile business mind. Of all of Chris’ strengths though, his incredible determination to be successful and dedication to CutCom’s customers put him over the top. He is always willing to do what it takes to get the job done.

David Sinkinson

President, Marketing and Business Development

David Sinkinson (Queen’s University Arts ’11, MBA ’13), Chris’ younger brother is the “marketing and sales guy” at CutCom. With experience in higher education, the telecom industry, and in marketing in general, David brings a unique perspective which is complementary to CutCom’s products. Dave loves a challenge. He has incredible drive and a burning desire to see CutCom be as successful as possible. He loves getting to know and working with new people. Like Chris, he’s dedicated to his work and has a keen business mind.


What do we stand for?

CutCom Software’s culture is based off of 5 team principles. These principles guide the day to day decisions of CutCom employees.

We don’t care when employees come in to work, we don’t care if they work from home, and we don’t care what they wear around the office. We care about what they produce.

We’re also big believers in the MVP approach; the Minimum Viable Product. Our priority is to get a “half-product” in front of the customer as soon as possible so that we can get feedback, iterate, and satisfy market needs.

1 - Deliver Quickly

Speed to market with an MVP approach is key. We must be in market before our competitors so that we can become the industry standard which meets the industry’s needs.

2 - Deliver Quality

While we need to be there first with a “half-product”, we have to make sure it’s not a “half-ass product”. It doesn’t have to be pretty, but it has to work.

3 - Thrive on Freedom

We’re going to give you freedom. Can you handle working responsibly without coming to the office every day? Or without wearing a suit and tie? Or can you get amazing results and execute on your own with limited direction? We want thinkers, not drones.

4 - Leave your Ego at the Door

It’s human nature that we take pride in our work. It’s a good thing as it drives high quality output. But it becomes a problem if you can’t handle honest feedback which can improve your results. Critical and constructive feedback are a regular and important part of the CutCom workplace; if you’re going to “dish it” you have to be able to “take it”.

5 - Act in Our Best Interest

In our culture you’re empowered to make important decisions which range from operations to customer experience. It’s crucial then that you make those decisions which benefit CutCom the most while also keeping a strong moral compass. We give you responsibility; it’s important that you use that trust in an ethical fashion.


What do we do?


Document Management Software

AppArmor Mobile

Mobile Safety Apps

CutCom Internship Program

Who do we look for?

The CutCom Software Internship Program (CSIP) is built for young developers looking to gain valuable coding experience in a real world environment.

The internship program runs for one year, starting in either May or June. During that time, you'll work with our development and support teams. High performing interns may be offered a more permanent role at the completion of the internship period.

All interns would be expected to fit into our principles and help us deliver amazing output to our customers. If you're interested in applying, reach out to us in the contact us form below.

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